our three student "companies", bigsby, peel, and anthem, are reading on such a full sea by chang-rae lee, and charting the major human concerns and complexities found throughout the narrative. 

companies will then use these themes to study the "narratives" of non-profit organizations. this year, we will look to see how these themes impact the day-to-day operations of treehouse books. we ask: are there similarities? how does the main character's trajectory mimic the trajectory of, say, the marketing or programming agendas? how does, say, the persistent theme of death relate to the goals of fundraising? sounds completely far fetched, but we find it. and when we do, we can brainstorm what a non-profit may need in a particular business area and develop possible solutions that will have real impact.

below are examples of our "thought maps". 

bigsby (marketing)

peel (programming)

anthem (fundraising)

here are their final solutions: