.The 2015-2016 LIMITED EDITION NewComm Sweatshirt

designed by Sabrina Tran '15

Show your support of The New Community Project by wearing our newly designed sweatshirt! You can even wear it to school--it's dress code approved!

Designed by Sabrina Tran, our sweatshirt is a homage to our partners this year, Urbanstead. Urbanstead is a non-profit that "works to achieve food security by uniting the Philadelphia community and creating programs to involve our city's vulnerable youth through the medium of urban farming. They also work to develop leadership and career skills in urban agriculture with young people in Philadelphia and are dedicated to empowering our neighborhoods with the knowledge and skills to affect change toward more sustainable communities." 

What do the hands mean? We like to think the hands represent the many ways we engage within our communities. We are either open, closed, careful, aggressive, or submissive. NewComm hopes to bring all of these people to the table and give each of them the opportunity to share their own unique narratives. We believe by stacking all of our hands together, we can do radical and transformative work within and beyond the classroom. 

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