we are a community organization that believes we can build stronger neighborhoods through critical thinking, mindful collaboration, & impactful action.  

What if high school students analyzed the narrative structure of local non-profits instead of novels?

What if students used their innate creativity to construct products for those non-profits instead of writing final essays?

This is The New Community Project: a radical and transformative service learning program built in Philadelphia. 

Wait, what?

Launched in 2013, The New Community Project is a year-long program that uses the tenets of literary analysis to dissect and investigate the social challenges that shape our neighboring communities. Thus far, we have developed some amazing products for our partner non-profits. We have re-designed websites, launched book drives, organized a makers workshop for young children, and launched an annual free community workshops in the city of Philadelphia. 

NewComm does not draw from any budget from our source schools. 

Every product that the students develop is paid for by their sheer intelligence, persistence and hustle.

We are not a social entrepreneurship program that concludes with PowerPoint presentations in pretty auditoriums. 

Yeah, we do have a nice presentation, but we are all about real work. So our students execute on all ideas offered at our presentation, and we ensure our products are sustainable for years to come. 

Check out our very first NewComm project: a re-imagined and re-designed website for our partner Tree House Books. The students were inspired by the spirit, heart, and magic of Tree House and wanted to deliver a website that highlighted this. Check it out HERE



Partner organizations

Tree House BookS


Community Partnership School

NewComm network of schools:

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As part of The New Community Project, we launched a media project called INVISIBLE/VISIBLE. INVISIBLE/VISIBLE is a suite of podcasts led by young people in high school that investigates the social and political concerns that affects us right NOW.  Our current story series is #BLKGRLMAGIC, a podcast led by young black girls as they investigate and unpack their place in a predominately white school. Check them out below.

Subscribe to our podcasts HERE. 


community workshops

In the summer of 2016, we launched our very first free community workshop series (urban gardening!) in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Philadelphia. The goal was simple: bring together people from all corners of the neighborhood and have them learn and build with one another. This aligns with the larger goals of NewComm: we believe stronger communities, ones devoid of bigotry and hate, are built through empathy--and empathy is built through conversation and collaboration. 

This summer, in an effort to celebrate our partners at Community Partnership School's eventual move to Brewerytown, we are offering complimentary yoga, meditation, and dance classes at SoundSpace Studio! Each class is dedicated to one of CPS's core values: curiosity, compassion, and courage. Come join us!

Summer Workshops are over! We will be back Summer 2018!!



Stay tuned for more info!


The NewComm logo is a BOUQUET OF EMBRACES. It represents the varied ways each of us join communities: openly, delicately, violently, submissively, & closed. At NewComm, we believe we need to engage ALL of these people so that we can build the kind of community that can set us all free.

 Join #TeamNewComm by purchasing a shirt and wearing it proudly! The money we raise will help grow our community workshop series here in Philly and beyond!!!

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my name is chidi asoluka & i am the founder and director of the new community project. this whole thing began with a frustration i had after an incredible english class i had 4 years ago. here they were challenging each other to think in more sophisticated ways about our characters and the only monument of their work was an essay that most of them hurriedly wrote the night before. ugh!

 i just felt all the energy, magic, & vulnerability of the classroom could be harnessed for something more than This. our young people have the creativity and audacity to change the world. newcomm is my attempt to let them step into their best selves so that they can do this important work mindfully and effectively. if you are interested in this work, i would love to connect! check me out below!